About Us

KMCT TV-39 officially re-launched this month in High Definition as the My Network TV affiliate for the Monroe/El Dorado market.  My39, as it’s now called, will air programming from My Network TV such as Law and Order, House, and Monk.  It will also run syndicated programming like 30 Rock, The Middle, Divorce Court, and Access Hollywood.  My39 will also continue KMCT’s heritage of being an outlet for ministry by running religious programming in the mornings and late nights.  My Network TV has not been seen in the market since 2011 so KMCT was excited to help bring this great programing back.  My39 can be seen over the air on 39.1 and channel 3 or 436 on Comcast cable and channel 39 on Direct and Dish Networks.

Ken Albritton:      General Manager

Graham Pointer:  Traffic Manager

Brandi Albritton: Production and editing

April Park:             Sales Manager